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Paya Bay Resort - Roatan, Honduras : Getting to Roatan

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Travel Documents

A valid passport is needed to travel to Honduras and the Bay Islands (by "valid" we mean that your passport should have more than six months (180 days) days of validity remaining at the date you plan depart your home country). Citizens of most Western European countries, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and the USA can stay 30 days without a visa. Extensions giving a total stay of 90 days are possible. Visa requirements vary for citizens of other countries. Please contact us if you need to know what the visa requirements are for your country.

While in flight fill out the paperwork the airline attendants give you, and keep these documents with your passport. This will save you time upon arriving in Roatan. Processing a planeload of passengers takes a little while for our 2 or 3 immigration officers. Having your documents ready helps the lines move faster. Remember to set aside US$40 cash for your departure tax. Only cash is accepted for this transaction.

Flights to Roatan (Airport code: RTB)

Continental offers non-stop service to Roatan from Houston Intercontinental (IAH) on Thursday, Saturdays and Sundays. The airline also offers seasonal Saturday service from New York/Newark (EWR - Liberty)
Flight #1: From/To Houston (IAH) - Thursday, Saturday & Sunday
Flight Day Departs Arrives Equipment Stops Duration
CO1894 Thursday,
& Sunday
10:30 am
1:20 pm
737-700 0
2 hr 30 mn
CO1895 Thursday,
& Sunday
2:25 pm
4:10 pm
737-700 0
2 hr 45 mn
Flight # 2: From/To Houston (IAH) - Saturday
Flight Day Departs Arrives Equipment Stops Duration
CO1864 Saturday Houston
1:00 pm
3:54 pm
737-700 0
2 hr 30 mn
CO1865 Saturday Roatan
4:45 pm
7:37 pm
737-700 0
2 hr 45 mn

New York/Newark (EWR - Liberty) - seasonal Saturday service
From/To New York/Newark (EWR - Liberty)
Flight Day Departs Arrives Equipment Stops Duration
CO1778 Saturday New York

9:50 am
1:35 pm
737-700 0
4 hr 45 mn
CO1781 Saturday Roatan
2:25 pm
New York

8:10 pm
737-700 0
4 hr 45 mn
Continental's Web Site (will load in a new window)
Reservations: 1-800-231-0856
*The above schedule was accurate when this page was updated. Please check the airline's Web site for the latest information on these flights.

Delta offers non-stop service to Roatan from Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson (ATL) on Saturdays.
From/To Atlanta, GA (ATL)
Flight Day Departs Arrives Equipment Stops Duration
DL1551 Saturday Atlanta
11:30 am
1:42 pm
737-300 0
2 hr 50 mn
DL1550 Saturday Roatan
2:42 pm
6:41 pm
737-300 0
2 hr 50 mn
Delta's Web Site (will load in a new window)
Int'l Reservations: 1-800-241-4141
*The above schedule was accurate when this page was updated. Please check the airline's Web site for the latest information on these flights.

TACA offers non-stop service to Roatan from Miami on Sundays and from Houston (IAH) on Saturdays.
From/To Miami (MIA)
Flight Day Departs Arrives Equip Stops Duration
TA381 Sunday Miami
3:20 pm
3:30 pm
or similar
1 hr 50 mn
TA380 Sunday Roatan
9:30 am
1:40 pm
or similar
1 hr 55 mn
From/To Houston (IAH)
Flight Day Departs Arrives Equip Stops Duration
TA431 Saturday Houston
3:40 pm
5:20 pm
or similar
2 hr 30 mn
TA430 Saturday Roatan
10:30 am
2:15 pm
or similar
2 hr 45 mn
TACA's Web Site (will load in a new window)
Reservations: 1-800-535-8780
*The above schedules were accurate when this page was updated. Please check the airline's Web site for the latest information on these flights.
TACA's Connecting Flights
TACA also has connecting flights to Roatan during other days of the week from Miami, Houston, New Orleans, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas/Ft.Worth, Washington, DC, New York, Toronto, and Montreal. These flights typically have one stop in San Pedro Sula, Honduras or San Salvador, El Salvador.

American, Continental, Delta, Spirit, and TACA have service to San Pedro Sula, the second largest city in Honduras (airport code: SAP). Some of our guests take these airlines to San Pedro Sula and then take the next flight to Roatan offered by TACA or one of the local Honduran airlines (SOSA, CM Airlines, or EasySky).). The turbo-prop hop to the island takes approximately 30 minutes, and may involve a quick stop in La Ceiba. Note that TACA has the ability to book your
flight straight through to Roatan as they offer domestic service in Honduras. Also, most online flight booking engines (Orbitz, Expedia, Travelocity, etc.) will automatically make TACA your local connection from San Pedro to Roatan, even if you use another airline for the flight to San Pedro. Should you opt to use a local airline other than TACA, please let us know so that we can make local airline reservations for you in Honduras.

You can also try to find flights that work for you on one of the online travel sites:
  • Expedia Most robust. Allows you to search between international airports (example: San Pedro Sula to Roatan)
  • Orbitz
  • Travelocity

The (Rather Long) Visas Are Required List

If you're a citizen of one of the following states (or political entities), you DO NEED a visa to travel to Honduras and the Bay Islands. In some cases, Permanent U.S. Residents (green card holders), independent of their country of origin, may not need a visa to travel here.

1. Azerbalyan, (Azerbaijan)
2. Benin
3. Bhutan
4. Burkinz Faso
5. Burundi, Republica de
6. Bolivia (Diplomaticos-exentos)
7. Cabo Verde
8. Camboya
9. Camerun
10. Chad
11. Comoras
12. Costa de Marfil
13. Djibouti
14. Dominica
15. Egipto, Republica Arabe de
16. Filipinas
17. Gabon
18. Gambia
19. Georgia
20. Granada
21. Guinea
22. Guinea Bissau
23. Guinea Ecuat.
24. Guyana
25. Jamaica
26. Kazakhstan
27. Kenya
28. Kyrgyzstan
29. Kiribati
30. Lesohto
31. Malawi
32. Maldivas
33. Marruecos, Reino de
34. Mauricio
35. Mauritania
36. Micronesia (Estados Federales.)
37. Moldova, Republica de (Moldavia)
38. Myanmar
39. Namibia
40. Nauru
45. Niger
46. Palau
47. Papua Nueva Guinea
48. Peru
49. Republica Centroafricana
50. Roanda (Rwanda)
51. Samoa
52. Senegal
53. Serbia y Montenegro (Antiguamente Republica (Federativa de Yugoslavia)
54. Seychelles
55. Suriname
56. Swazilandia
57. Tailandia Tanzania, Republica Unida de
58. Tayikistan
59. Togo
60. Tonga
61. Tunez
62. Turkmenistan
63. Uganda
64. Uzbekistan
65. Zambia
66. Zimbawe 67. Afganistan, Estado Islamico
68. Albania
69. Angola, Republica de
70. Argelia
71. Armenia
72. Asmara Eritrea
73. Bangladesh, republica Popular de
74. Bosnia y Herzegovina, Republica de
75. Botswana
76. China, Republica Popular
77. Congo
78. Congo, Republica Democratica de
79. Corea, Republica Popular Democratica de ( Corea del Norte)
83. Cuba
84. Eritrea (Estado de, Asmara)
85. Etiopia
86. Ghana
87. Haiti
88. India
89. Indonesia
90. Irak, Republica de
91. Iran, Republica Islamica del
92. Jordania, Reino Hachemita de (Diplomaticos-exentos)
93. Laos, Republica Democratica Popular de
94. Libano
95. Liberia
96. Libia Popular y Socialista (Jamahirya Arabe Libia )
97. Mali
98. Mongolia
99. Mozambique
100. Nepal
101. Nigeria, Republica Federal de
102. Oman
103. Pakistan, Republica Islamica de (Diplomaticos-exentos)
104. Sierra Leona, Republica de
105. Siria, Republica Arabe de
106. Somalia, Republica Democratica
107. Sri Lanka, Republica Socialista Democratica de
108. Sudan, Republica de
109. Timor Oriental
110. Vietnam
111. Yemen
112. Autoridad Palestina, Portadores de pasaporte u otro documento de viaje valido extendido por Autoridad Palestina
113. Republica Arabe de Saharaui Democratica.

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