Space, Lots of It

The grounds at Paya Bay cover over twenty-two acres, providing you a safe, varied, and interesting area to explore. (See the Resort Map) We are building a growing network of nature trails to make the property and its many unique places easier to get to. It is possible that everyday you can discover something new about this amazing property by simply walking the many paths and trails. We encourage walking. It has both exercise value (Feel Good) and the fellowship with nature will lift your spirits (Be Happy.)

Beaches to Ridges and Everything In Between

The peninsula on which the resort is located has nearly a mile of waterfront. On the property you will find a large beach (Big Beach) that is visited by locals and guests from other resorts, a bluff on which the restaurant sits, imposing cliffs, a smaller private beach known as Bliss Beach, a very large rock formation shaped like an alligator’s head that contains the Tropical Garden Reserve, a small cove called Secret Cove, a large cove called Buccaneer Landing, an islet with a bridge to it, a private rock island, a small ridge covered in dense tropical jungle, and the multi-acre Wetlands Reserve. Really a numerous and extraordinarily varied collection of features you will find fascinating to explore and enjoy.

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