The phenomenal dive sites of Roatan’s East End, as well as the islands of Santa Helena, Morat, and Barbaretta begin minutes from Paya Bay! We’re talking over 20 miles of barrier reef on the north side of the island. With their spectacular diving and snorkeling, the legendary Pigeon Cays are a mere hour and twenty minutes away! There are so many dive sites to explore, you’ll need a week, and then you’ll have to come back again because new, amazing sites are being discovered in our area all the time!

Tropical Island Divers

Paya Bay’s dive operator partner, Tropical Island Divers (TID), is ready to cater to all of you scuba needs. Diving with Tropical Island Divers allows you to get away from the crowds and traffic of the other end of the island. TID limits the dive week to a maximum of 10 divers, so you will never have to worry about waiting in lines, being crowded on a boat or becoming a number. Let TID know what type of diving you enjoy and they are happy to plan the dive sites around that. They take care of your gear for you or have rental gear you may rent during your stay. Tropical Island Divers caters your dive vacation around you.

Special Dive Excursions

Tropical Island Divers also offers special excursions to the outer islands, which include Helene, Morat, and Barbaretta (for an additional fee to cover the cost of fuel). These trips are a wonderful way to see the islands and experience the amazing undiscovered diving even farther to the east. You can dive without seeing another dive boat for a week, enjoy outstanding hard and soft corals, canyons, pinnacles, “swim-throughs” and beautiful walls. TID’s divemasters are chosen specifically because of their knowledge of the local reefs. They also emphasize friendliness in choosing their staff. Their objective is for you to feel like you’re going diving with a friend, who will ensure you experience some great diving while always being vigilant for your safety.

A Personalized Dive Experience

Just starting to dive? You can get your open water certification at Paya Bay through Tropical Island Divers (including referrals). Want to bring a group of family or friends? We can accommodate you! A personalized diving experience is virtually unheard of nowadays in the Caribbean. At Paya Bay, working together with Tropical Island Divers, that’s exactly what we offer you.

Information to Consider Before Booking

Paya Bay offers scuba diving as an activity for our guests through Tropical Island Divers (TID), a dive operation based 2.5 miles to the west of us. We are not a “hardcore” dive resort where everything is focused on diving. If you need to dive three or more times a day, please consider booking at another resort that can meet those expectations. To keep costs manageable given the relatively small number of divers that currently come to Roatan’s largely undeveloped East End (considered a “good thing” by many), TID can only offer two dives per day and offers no night diving. When Paya Bay has four or less divers booked during a given week, we will take you to TID’s location in the mornings after breakfast (a scenic 10 minute drive from the resort) and TID will drop you off at Paya Bay’s dock in the dive boat after your two dives. (Going by car is much more fuel efficient for a small number of people and we are doing our best to conserve energy). If there are five or more divers at the resort, it becomes cost effective for TID to pick up the dive group at PBR’s dock and drop you off after the dives are completed. After their morning dives with TID and a hearty lunch in PBR’s restaurant many of our guests enjoy laying out on fabulous Lil’ Bay Beach, or enjoy our clothing optional areas at Buccaneer Landing and Secret Cove, or do other activities like horseback riding, canopy tours, etc. This results in a vacation with more variety that many people really enjoy. Feel Good. Be Happy.

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