The East End of Roatan is still largely undeveloped, resulting in most of this half of the island still being in pristine and natural condition. Roatan is a rather rugged island, making for great vistas and views from its many hilltops. The East End is home to the Port Royal Wildlife Refuge, over 2,000 acres of land set aside for the protection of island’s animals and birds. The highest peak on the island, Picacho, is located in this reserve. While the main island road runs through the East End, it has very little traffic, making it a great path to follow for some hikes. The local communities of Diamond Rock and Camp Bay Town are good examples of contemporary Afro-Caribbean communities. We will provide you with hiking information, maps, and can even arrange a guide for you, should that be your preference.

Available Hikes

  • Picacho Peak Summit
  • Port Royal
  • Camp Bay Beac/La Sirena/Pulpit
  • Marble Hill Farms
  • Calabash Bight Point


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