“Earth’s crammed with heaven”
~Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Two Nature Reserves

Paya Bay has two small nature reserves located right on the property. (See the Resort Map) The Tropical Garden Reserve is one of the most beautiful natural gardens you may ever lay eyes on. The variety of species that grow in its rocky terrain is amazing! Palms, cacti, vines, a plethora of bromeliads, orchids, and gorgeous gumbo-limbo trees (bursera simaruba) are some of the flora that make their home here. The Paya Trail runs right through the center of the reserve making it a pleasant walk at any time of the day. The Wetlands Reserve is home to many species of trees, crabs, small rodents, and birds that inhabit the dynamic environment of the wetlands that transform daily with the changing tides.

Nature is Good For You!

Connecting with nature can improve your emotional and mental wellbeing. Walking in the beauty of nature will invariably raise your spirits if they happen to be down. You will feel part of a bigger system beyond the individual.

Beautiful Nature

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