At Paya Bay Resort we take a unique approach to naturism with a combination of Naturist Zones and Naturist Weeks, We have divided our 16-acre property into three zones.

In Zone One, which includes the restaurant and other areas open to the general public, minimal textile coverings are required (swimsuits, sarongs, pareos, etc. are fine).

Zone Two, which includes Bliss Beach, the Black Iguana beach bar, and all the 1.5 km of nature trails (including the trails leading to the rooms area), is clothing optional.

Zone Three, which includes over six very private acres of the property, is always exclusively a naturist zone.

We have also divided the resort’s calendar into Naturist and Classical weeks. We encourage those seeking a more fully naturist experience to book during Naturist Weeks, when both Zones Two and Three are available for naturism.

During Classical weeks, Naturism is less emphasized, but there may still be some light naturism taking place on the property as Zone Three is always dedicated to the clothing-free lifestyle.

While we are not a 100% naturist property, dedicated naturists who book during our Naturist Weeks will find a very naturist-friendly environment with lots of space to practice naturism. Casual naturists will still find that Zone Three is an ample and beautiful area to practice naturism even during our Classical Weeks.

Casual to avid naturists will find that Paya Bay Resort meets their needs for a relaxing vacation in a very beautiful, naturist-friendly, Caribbean property.

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