Paya Bay Resort
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Paya Bay Resort: Ananda Yoga Pavilion


Why Ananda?

A·nan·da: noun: (in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism) Extreme happiness, one of the highest states of being.

A Spectacular Space

Respectfully nestled into nature on a privileged, breezy location at one of the highest points on the property (some seven stories above sea level), and with views that take your breath away, the Ananda Movement Center at Paya Bay Resort is undoubtedly one of the top yoga and movement facilities in all Central America!

Large Groups Easily Accoommodated

The center features 1,200 square feet of unobstructed floor space. Even allowing each individual 30 square feet of floor area, the pavilion can easily accommodate up to 40 movement practitioners (note, however, that at the present time the resort is limited to hosting a maximum of 30 teachers/leaders and students with shared accommodations).

Pavilion Features and Amenities

  • Adjustable lighting for evening use
  • Stereo with loud sound possibility
  • Video projector
  • Altar
  • Natural sound of the waves
  • Complete privacy
  • Storage bodega

Yoga and Movement Retreats

Are you interested in bringing your group to Paya Bay Resort for a retreat, intensive, or training? Our pavilion's serene, spectacular, and sacred space is ideal for yoga, tai-chi, meditation, lectures, or even writing workshops. We can accommodate up to 20 people (up to 30 with shared accommodations). We offer special discounted group rates and free accommodations and lodging for group leaders. Please contact us to begin creating an amazing experience for you and your group.

Feel Good. Be Happy.

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Mindfulness is about maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment.

Fitness Center

Fitness Center

Our "Jungle Gym" fitness center features a universal fitness machine that allows exercises for the entire body.

Spa Treatments

Spa Treatments

Paya Bay Resort offers spa treatments designed to foster relaxation, self-indulgence, enjoyment, and tranquility.

Getting Physical

Getting Physical

Paya Bay has a quarter-mile walking trail right on the property. Add in the additional paths and you have many choices for a brisk cardio strengthening walk.



One feels very close to nature after discarding clothes and feeling the warm sunshine, fresh air or cool water on the whole of the body. Being nude outdoors gives a great sense of freedom.

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