We Love Our Snorkelers!

At Paya Bay snorkelers are treated like V.I.P.s. Whether you opt to snorkel right from shore or you take the snorkel boat out, you will have many opportunities to explore the reef. The ultimate snorkeling experience is the trip to Pigeon Cay, which we strongly suggest!

Snorkeling From Secret Cove

Snorkeling is available right from the shore at Secret Cove. A handy ladder is available to facilitate getting in and out of the sea. This area has a good variety of hard and soft corals and even offers a drop-off experience as the water deepens dramatically at the edge of the coral plateau.

The Snorkeling Boat

To increase the variety of snorkeling experiences, Paya Bay also offers two daily snorkeling boat trips to various excellent snorkeling sites we have identified inside the barrier reef. The boat leaves at 10AM and 2:30PM.

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