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Flats Fishing

The world of the flats is the world of bonefish, tarpon, permit, mutton snapper, seatrout, stripers, and a host of other prime game fish. The flats are areas of “thin” water between the reefs and the shore. These shallows are covered with turtle grass, marine plants, and occasional coral heads. They are a haven for small crabs, other crustaceans, and minnows. Food is so abundant in the flats that game fish leave the safety of the depths to search for a meal. You will be amazed at the size of fish to be found in knee-deep water!

Wading the Flats

In addition to fishing from a custom-built skiff, perhaps the most challenging way to fish is to wade the flats, spot tailing fish, creep slowly within casting distance and then make a presentation. If the fish is not startled, it will most likely pick up a jig or fly, and within seconds, the angler is hooked to a miniature express train. Anglers can choose to fish from the boat at deeper areas, where huge schools of feeding bonefish can be found – 30 or more catches can be expected in a short period of time. Regardless of their size, bonefish can strip more line faster than any other fish of comparable size.

All Fishing or a Combo of Activities

You can choose a full day of fishing or you may want to spend some time snorkeling, swimming, beach combing, mangrove canal touring, nature walking, or picnicking on a secluded beach. Just let your personal guide know what you want to do for the entire day.

A First-Class Guide

The fishing guide we work with is one of the best. He grew up fishing with his father and knows the flats around the East End of Roatan like the back of his hand. In addition to knowing his stuff, he’s also an entertaining character who our guests have just loved.

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