The truth is, Paya Bay is an ideal setting for naturism. The resorts sits on 22 acres of breathtakingly beautiful property on a peninsula jutting out from the main island. The sea is on three sides of us, making the entire property very private. We have two natural beaches, and we’ve opted to make our smaller, private Bliss Beach a clothing optional beach. Topless sunbathing is always allowed, and Bliss Beach automatically becomes 100% clothing optional when all guests at the resort are naturists and/or during our designated Naturist Weeks.

In order to better accommodate our growing number of naturist guests we have designated other areas of the property as clothing optional and we’ve built paths and walkways to make these areas easily accessible. These new areas include Buccaneer Landing, a private, protected cove teeming with juvenile tropical fish that is ideal for sunbathing and swimming. We are excited about the new paths to Secret Cove, a spectacular little cove near the tip of the Alligator Head rock formation that has excellent snorkeling as soon as you enter the water. Secret Cove features a great hamaca station, making it a great place to chill out and relax.

Zone 1 – Swimsuits required at all times (includes restaurant and main deck area)

Zone 2 – Topless sunbathing allowed. Becomes clothing optional during designated Naturist Weeks.

Zone 3 – Clothing optional areas. Reserved for our naturist clients at all times.

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